Margin Reference Study Guide

Perhaps the best-loved feature of the Sword Study Bible is its margin reference study guide. Throughout the text of the Sword Study Bible, there are marginal markings which refer readers to one of approximately one hundred subjects in three main categories. These are intended to help readers study the Bible topically. As you read, you will find markings to note a particular attribute of God (beginning with “G”), of God’s Plan (beginning with “P”), or of Man (beginning with “M”). For example, the “G” heading found in the margins is for those verses relating to God and the many attributes of God, such as His Grace, His Promises, or His Love. Each marginal marking in the text can be found in the “Margin Study Reference & Guide”, and each marking will note the page on which the next reference to a particular topic can be found. If by chance you find a verse relationship that has been omitted and you would like to add it in your own Bible, or would like to make note of something else, additional space has been added so that you can easily mark the margin yourself. We trust that these marginal references will enable you to further develop different themes and to enhance your knowledge of God, His plan, and humanity.

Click the link below to view a smple of the KJVER Sword Study Bible Margin Reference Study Guide.

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