Introducing the KJVER

The King James Version Easy Read (KJVER®) is "The Trusted King James in an Easy Read Format." The KJVER® updates the King James by replacing now out-of-use seventeenth-century words with their modern equivalents. It follows the original text of the KJV more closely than any other updated version on the market. Because the KJVER® is essentially the KJV, it is based on the Received Text, which is what the church fathers used to translate the KJV Bible 400 years ago.

Each word replacement in the KJVER® has been carefully chosen to keep the language of the beloved King James Version intact while also making it more accessible for today’s audiences, especially those who might be discouraged by its challenging language. Among the many reasons for updating is to allow one who has learned English as a second language to understand the Scriptures without getting distracted or confused by the thee’s and thou’s.

In addition to making the KJV more accessible to modern readers, the KJVER® also offers an array of other unique study tools, like the complete red lettering of the Old and New Testaments and the Sword Study Bible edition of the text. The goal is and always has been to make the Word of God easier to study for the edification and blessing of those who seek God’s wisdom.

KJVER - The Trusted King James Version in an Easy Read Format KJVER - The Trusted King James Version in an Easy Read Format