“I want you to know the Bibles you sent are perfect for prison ministry.…[T]he KJVer is more effective for readers who may have English as a second language in their culture and I feel I am still presenting a [version] that is accurate and true to the original texts…to me the KJVer is the best Bible I feel comfortable presenting to introduce new readers to the Bible.”
–Pastor David Webster, Prince Albert Baptist Church, Canada


“I recently stumbled across the KJVER and am delighted to find such a faithful revision of the KJV. For years I have been searching for just such an edition—one that removes the archaic endings and pronouns, while leaving all other language intact. I wish to express my deepest thanks for your efforts in this endeavor.”


“I found out about the KJVER because I was researching the Textus Receptus on Wikipedia and was looking at the English translations of the Textus Receptus and found the KJVER among the list…I really like and appreciate what you've all done. It would be nice to see your books on the shelves of big name book stores. I'll do my best to spread the word!” D.J.


“I recently bought a “Thinline Large Print Kjver”. It is by far the best Bible in the World ever!!” –P.S.


KJVER - The Trusted King James Version in an Easy Read Format KJVER - The Trusted King James Version in an Easy Read Format